Makayla McLean is the Founder/CEO of Not Forgotten, a non profit organization that mission is to help men and women who have been wrongly convicted, over sentenced, and Forgotten in the system. Makayla has always had a heart for making a difference and justice in our country. Born in Dunn, North Carolina, Makayla grew up always wanting to be apart of change in her community. Motivated by recent injustice that has been going on within the past few years; Makayla decided to step out of faith, and be change the corrupt justice system needs. Makayla is also currently studying for a criminal justice major, for she can be more effective in being the change our system needs, by having a position inside the criminal justice field. 

We will be raising funds to support all cost of attorney fees, and programs upon release , helping them mentally prepare for Society after life in prison. We will also be helping these men and women with the knowledge they need to become successful even having the title of a convicted felon.